Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just had to share this quick little project.  Before Christmas, I picked up this sweatshirt on clearance, thinking my little girl could wear it and be Christmas-y when it got cold.  Well, living in Florida sometimes means a warm Christmas so she hasn't worn it yet.  Living in Florida also means unusual and surprise cold snaps.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow and she has a cute little t-shirt to wear, however... weatherman says mid-60's for a high.  Something made me remember this sweatshirt, so I grabbed it and found a little scrap of pink fabric (and a scrap of fusible interfacing) and viola!

Long-time fear overcome!
Perhaps this title is a little over the top, but I have been a bit fearful for quite some time over it... I finally learned how to "install" a metal snap.  Now, I'm not talking about those cute little ones you sew on by hand.  This is serious business -- heavy duty!  Yeah, the kind where you have to cut a little hole in your project and use a hammer.  AND -- if you mess up, oh well.  You only get one shot.  See, it is a little scary when you think about it.
It was so simple.  The hardest part is double checking that you have the right pieces in the right order facing the right way through your project.  I'll be putting up some pictures of just how to do it.  My project is almost finished, but I ran out of light and I needed to do my pounding outside -- it scared my little sweetheart when I tried to do it inside :(.  Stay Tuned!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Have you seen it?
The time. Have you seen the time? It seems to have passed without me enjoying much of it.  Oh... you, too?  I don't know how some people find the time to do the things they do.  I know a mother of 3, all under the age of 5, who is going to school and still finds time to sew!  I have my one, very sweet toddler-girl and am in a constant battle over whether the bathroom should be cleaned or can it wait one more day while I get on the machine again.
I love to sew.  My grandmother was a seamstress (like, the real deal -- people would pay her to sew their wedding dresses and alter their clothing), and my mom taught me how to use a sewing machine and follow patterns.  

I want to know more.
Yes, I can follow a pattern and have made some things following great tutorials I found online.  And it's great fun, many people compliment my talent.  There's still a part of me that wants to know more.  I found an old book that I inherited from my grandmother called "Vogue Sewing". 
Front Cover 
After looking through it the other night I realized there is much more to this sewing business than I realized.  I even toyed with the idea of trying to work my way through it and blog as I go (you know, Julie & Julia style), but it's just not that type of book.

What is the point of this blog, anyway?
Well, I don't really know what direction I will be going with this yet.  The teacher in me wants it to be a resource for others (which "others" is still a mystery, as well), the regular person in me wants it to just be "hey, look what I did!", and the mom in me wants it to be about making kid-stuff.  If my daughter were old enough to work a machine, I would probably make it about teaching children to sew, but that is several years in the making ;).